Wednesday, March 24, 2010

strawberries and pears in wedgewood bowl

Just finished this 8 x 10" piece. This was the first time I have painted this bowl. I really like the contrast between it and the strawberries. I also like the shadow the cherry blossoms created on the backdrop. Kind of getting weary of still lifes. Have couple of comission pieces I am going to work on for friends. Little kid pics. That will be a fun change of pace.
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  1. carol,
    strawberries and pears in wedgewood bowl is a great painting...
    the direction of lighting is depicted in a super manner...
    the highlights on the fruits and glass is beautiful...
    the transparent and fragile look of the glassware is fantastic...

  2. Lovely cherry blossoms and Wedgewood bowl. I have to say that the glass vase is phenomenal!

  3. Carol, this is lovely...could easily be one of Qiang's post on his blog! Beautiful control of light and the glass vase and blue bowl are what you would call "perfect"!

  4. Thanks for your kind feedback. Ann, thank you for sending new friends my way! You have been so helpful.

  5. Carol, this is also a beautiful piece.Wished we had more days to paint-love your work!