Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pink Roses

I did this 5 x7" painting the last day of Qiang Huang's workshop in Dallas. He did a demonstration of how he paints roses so many of us tried it out after watching him. He is masterful at painting them. I really don't like paintings of roses that much but his are extrordinary.
I feel so fortunate to have been able to watch him paint and hear his lectures. I learned a lot of things that I think will really help me grow as an artist.
Posted by Picasasold


  1. Very nice! Qiang Huang is a favorite artist and teacher among so many. I hope to take a workshop from him at some time, too. Your roses are lovely!

  2. Carol, this is absolutely lovely. I love the colors, the background brush strokes, and the roses themselves. To my eyes, this is a faultless piece.

  3. Carol, it was so much fun watching you paint this at the workshop. The finished painting is "delicious"! Your son must have mailed it to you after it dried. Looks like you could conduct your own rose painting class.

  4. Thanks for your compliments. Clint sent it to me this week. Kind of fun seeing it after a couple of weeks. Wish we could go back and do another workshop with Qiang
    this week!

  5. Hey Carol - your painting is beautiful! Loved it from the start. Love seeing your other work too - really nice!