Monday, March 29, 2010

Mr Wonderful

soldPosted by PicasaI painted this12 x 24" rooster last week. This little rooster had so much personality! He would actually pose for me. He belonged to my sister and brother in law. Most of the roosters would run from me but this one would come up and start posing. He was so beautiful. Not sure of his breed. I have posted an earlier picture of the same rooster's head. I usually just make up a background.
Got back from a fun trip to Nashville with friends. They were patient with me when I would ask to stop the car to take pictures of cows.
I am working on a painting today of a calf laying down in a field. He is really cute. Hope the painting will turn out and I will post soon.


  1. Your rooster is wonderful, love the bright light on his comb, he sounds like a character. I really like the 2:1 canvas, lots of fun possibilities from this format.

  2. Fantastic... Mr. Wonderful! Gorgeous picture, Carol.