Thursday, September 26, 2019

come along

This is an 18 x 36" commissioned piece for a friend. I get in lots of discussions about cows when I am at art shows.  Of course you have the people who are original and moo when they pass my booth.  Never heard that before.  Don't be mean Carol! I am still not sure why I am so interested in cows.  I "think" it is because of the calming and curious looks they have.  All I know is that I can not get enough of them and am so glad that so many others feel the same way.

I will be in Atlanta this Saturday and Sunday for the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival.  Sept 28 and 29.  Come see me but please do not moo.  The following weekend I will be in Louisville, KY for the St James Court Art Festival. Oct 4-6.  First time in this show for me.  My parents lived in Louisville for eight years several years ago so I am looking forward to going back.

One more thing!  I am doing a workshop at my home studio in Birmingham, AL Feb 7 and 8.  The January workshop is filled so this is for folks who could not make it.  January and February are great months to treat yourself to something fun.  Email me at for information.


  1. I as well enjoy your cow paintings... they make the perfect subjects and you paint them so perfectly...