Friday, November 10, 2017

Notting Hill Elvis

Now for something entirely different.  Notting Hill Elvis. 20 x 20" . I wonder if some of you that have visited this area have seen him in the Notting Hill area of London.  Just like we have the guy who plays his guitar in his tightie whities in NYC.

I am preparing for my Open Studio/ Holiday Sale this coming Thursday.  I found this partially completed painting in my closet and decided to work on him again.  It was getting dark when I took this picture so it is not a great representation.

If you would like to come to my open studio, email me at  All of my work will be marked at least 10% off.  Some work will be marked down as much as 50%. All paintings I am proud to have my signature on. I throw away or paint over things that do not make me happy.

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