Sunday, February 21, 2016

big C

This composition kind of made a big C.  My best friend in high school called me big C and I called her big D.  We still do.
I did this 12 x 24 x 2" yesterday as a warm up to painting last night at Artblink.  It was a fundraiser for the UAB cancer center that I described a couple of posts ago.  Eighteen artists painted works in 90 minutes. It was fun but a bit intense.  People are bidding big money on pieces that you hope turn out.  My piece was 18 x 36 x 2" and that was a lot of area to tackle in that amount of time.  It turned out well and made some nice money for the center.  I also sold another piece that 40% of the price went to the charity.
The completed piece. Me, painting on my knees to get to the bottom.  What ever works.

 Friends who bought another piece.