Friday, October 9, 2015


This painting was driven by having a lot of 8 x 8 " frames that need to have paintings inserted into them.  The title was inspired by Sting's "fragile".  Pretty perfect for the tea cups and orchids.
I have been working on some large paintings so I have not posted a lot.  I am working on another 4 x 4' painting of three cows. Big paintings are a challenge for me but rewarding. My next show is Oct 23-25 and is Riverfest in Memphis, TN.sold

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Bummer!!! I was just in Tennessee a few weeks back! I would have loved to have seen the exhibit. The Orchids are painted beautifully, Carol.

  2. This is a "stop me in my tracks" beautiful painting! Wishing you much success with the show!

  3. Beautiful indeed. There is a wonderful gentleness about the painting which I love.