Saturday, May 2, 2015


Not another dang cow Carol! I can not resist a good cow face.  I am not supposed to be painting cows right now because I need to paint water themed paintings for an upcoming show.  I photographed this bold heifer the other day close to my aunt's home in west Alabama.  I only had my iphone with me but I still got some good shots. Who would have ever thought we could take pictures with a phone? Or...that we could have a phone with us where ever we went?  I still remember my grandparents phone that was on a party line and you had to wait until someone finished their conversation until you could use it.
This is painted on a 12 x 24 x 2" canvas.sold


  1. I love the point of view on this piece and the foreground to background palette and blend is magnificent!! The calf looks so cute, as they always do when you do their portraits!

  2. Such a sweet face, Carol....perfect color and light!!! yes, I as well remember the party lines...maybe the 60's? I remember it not lasting too long....and it certainly didn't have a Ahhhhh, the good old days!