Monday, May 11, 2015


I have felt a little frantic since I got home from the workshop last weekend.  The song "breathe" by Anna Nalick just played on my Pandora station as I was deciding on a title for this painting.  I needed that advice and I liked the title better than "two onions".  I have been painting a lot trying to keep fresh the approaches that were stressed. I really do need to chill a little.

This was the last painting I did at Nancy's workshop.  We did timed paintings so that we would not get too bogged down.  I always like my paintings better if I don't allow myself to keep noodling.  This is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.

Some of Nancy's thoughts and stresses....

"Quick impressions have a spontaneous power and engage the viewer."

"Use a bigger brush, lots of paint, and the result just may be a looser, free-er painting."

"Spend more time looking (yes, while squinting) and less time applying paint.  Mindless brushing will guarantee a weak painting.

The Mountain Brook Art Festival is this Saturday at the Crestline Athletic Field. The hours are 9 - 4.  Come out and see me and lots of other artists.


  1. I think you paid attention at the workshop. Beautiful painting!

  2. LOVE your brush work, Carol. Beautiful painting!!!

  3. Love the looseness of your paintings, especially yesterday and today. Thank you for sharing information. It is interesting and helpful to those of us trying to find our voice.

  4. I like your work a lot, and your blog is great too. Always like learning something new.
    Mike Hart
    Route 12 artist
    Duck nc