Sunday, January 11, 2015

have a heart

Have a heart is exactly what my workshop participants had to have yesterday as I struggled through painting this #%*! black cow.  I specifically chose the black cow because I feel like most people can use some help painting black animals.  Me included after yesterday.  What really made me proud was that three people chose to paint this same cow after seeing my pain.  They did great and so did all the others who chose various animals.  I will post some pictures of their work tomorrow. This beaut is painted on a 12 x 12 x 2". My talented and fun group. Too cold to take the picture outside.  They helped me take Christmas decorations down after the picture.


  1. Carol, I was thinking how freshly painted this black cow is! I love the brushwork and you really caught her eyes.

  2. I love your previous black cow! not easy but you really did an amazing job with it. You were able to see the difference in color even though it was black!! and I enjoyed seeing your latest "digging it".... a beautiful demo,.. Seeing photos of everyone working was a that spacious room!