Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tucker looks a little tuckered. And cute!  He belongs to my favorite cousin's ( I have 12 other favorites) husband .  My other favorite cousin's wife commissioned me to paint it for my favorite cousin's husband. All of my other favorite cousins and their spouses were either jealous of the gift or felt bad that they did not think of it.  Happy 60th Larry!!!

I just returned from a wonderful workshop with Nancy Franke.  You have lots of reasons to be jealous. First off, it was held in Nashville and I got to stay in my friends beautiful home. Secondly, Jeannie Smith of Warehouse 521, hosted the workshop and there were lots of great and nice artists there.  Thirdly, and most importantly.....Nancy Franke was our teacher/ friend for two days.  I will say more about that and share pictures tomorrow.
Oh yeah, incredible artist and nice person, Ann Blair Brown stopped by to chat.


  1. Tucker is so precious and you produced a beautiful painting, Carol!!! I'm sure they're pleased with this piece! I as well feel so blessed to have so many "favorite" cousins.....LOL

  2. Tucker is gorgeous, Carol! Nicely painted! And yes...color me jealous! LoL