Thursday, August 21, 2014

looking back

  I recently had an opportunity to get together with some college girlfriends at the beach. One day we ventured out to Rosemary Beach and I stalked people on bikes while my friends did a little shopping.  I really feel like a creeper sometimes.  I think men would really have a hard time doing what I do.  Who is going to believe he is going to paint the girls he is photographing?  I try to be fairly discreet while I am snapping away because I am looking for candid shots.  I am waiting for the day that I am arrested and my mug shot is in the local "busted" paper.  Maybe Karin Jurick will paint it.
This is painted on an 11 x 14 x 2".  I have two more that I am going to do for this series. 


  1. Your words made me laugh; your painting makes me smile! A great candid of this young woman...I wonder if she was looking back to see what you were photographing?

  2. So funny! My husband goes out with me when I take candid pix...I always tell him to be extra careful and carry my business card in his pocket in case anyone asks!

    Love the painting....bright colors...beautiful!

  3. This is BEAUTIFULLY painted, Carol! And yes, I am a stalker as well.. I love candid shots when you can get those perfect natural photos of posing, no smiles...