Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The students in my workshop were so accomplished that we were able to paint two paintings on Sunday.  I demoed (that is a cool word for demonstrated) "amy" in the morning and "windswept" in the early afternoon.  I was glad that both paintings turned out.  I touched up the paintings a little bit after the workshop.  I did not get up and move back from my paintings much until after I was finished.  If I had I would have caught some of the issues.  So important!  
The first day we did still lifes and I scrubbed out part of my painting at the end of my demonstration.  That gave them lots of confidence in my abilities.  I will post it tomorrow.  
I did not get to photograph the paintings the class did of "windswept" because some folks had to leave a little early and well....I forgot.  They did a great job.
I painted my version on an 8 x 10 x 2" canvas. Sold


  1. Looks like from the photos that you had a VERY successful first workshop! Congrats!
    Adorable paintings!

  2. This is a sweet painting. Not to worry about your students thinking you are a great teacher when you scrub something out….it makes everyone feel ok and a whole lot less intimidated.

  3. Love the colors and brushwork on this, but mostly, wish I was there! Congrats on your workshop, looks like it was successful!

  4. What a wonderful painting. You are so good at the figure. Lucky students being in your class and I am sure they loved it. I know I would. Nothing I like better than watching someone good, demo.

  5. He looks like he could be one of your boys when they were little. I love his little powerful stride!

  6. I really appreciate your encouraging comments! Thank you so much!