Thursday, January 30, 2014


 Crazy weather going on around our area.  A "huge" snow storm (2") hit our area by surprise.  It may not sound like much but we Southeners are not used to driving on icy roads. The roads were not prepped with anything so the result was "winter gridlock 2014"!  Fun for us but not for a whole lots of folks that were stranded away from their homes. Temperatures in the very low teens. My husband walked eight miles home from his work.  He said it was very invigorating. Have to love that attitude considering a few miles of it were on the interstate.  He made better time than most of the emergency vehicles.

I have spent some of the last few days preparing to do a show in Nashville next weekend.  I have painted some small still lifes and "sprouts" are one example.  It is painted on a 6 x 6 x 2" gallery wrapped canvas.  The show is the "Art Event at Lipscomb Academy".  The show runs from February 7-9.  Would love to see you if you are in the area.

The view out of my studio window after it snowed. The picture below is the partially frozen creek below our house.  Never painted our creek before.  On the list.


  1. Wonderful piece with nice colors and nice brushwork! As far as this creek! ! You have to paint it lucky you are ... I have to travel to see this beautiful scene, Carol.....

  2. Love your painting! Good luck at the show. I lived in Nashville and familiar with Lipscomb.
    The creek is gorgeous! It's going to make lots of beautiful paintings!

  3. Lovely painting, Carol! Makes me start to think about painting "Spring subjects. All the shades of colors on the "sprouts" give them such great form. Your creek is amazing. I'm sure lots of inspiration will come from that.

  4. Your home and property are works of art in their own right, Carol. Just stunning. Love the sprouts painting; the color is gorgeous!

  5. What an ice storm we had/have Right? Jenn and Keith both had to walk. Took my children 6 hours to get home which included leaving their cars and walking for miles. I love your "Sprouts." Thanks for the photos. I was wondering how beautiful your landscape was in this snow.

  6. Wow! That creek is beautiful! Love the color in Sprouts too.