Saturday, August 24, 2013

prime time II

 This is a commission piece for an English  patron. I am actually going to carry it with me to England in a few weeks.  She has bought one painting from me before and now I am delivering this and another painting.  She has been helpful to make lots of dining recommendations and even sent me a book , "secret london".  So fun making friends I may never meet through the blog world.
Speaking of friends I talk to often but have not met is the owner of the original "prime time".  (24 x 36") Denise lives in North Carolina and has bought  at least eight paintings from me.  She is sweet to email me now and then to check in or just compliment a new work.
More on blog friends....I really do appreciate when folks take the time to comment.  It takes alot of time and patience but it is very helpful to hear.  I need to find more time to visit and comment on my friend's work.

This piece is painted on an 8 x 10" linen panel.sold
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  1. Very nice, Carol. I like seeing your brush strokes. Very painterly.

    Have a great time in England. I hope you will post photographs.

  2. I can see my husband and I doing just this one of these days. Love that green chair too. And wonderful to be able to tell which is the man, which is the woman even though you can mostly see chair backs. That took some talent! England is one of my wished for trips someday.

  3. This is a lovely painting. I know the person who commissioned you will be very happy.