Wednesday, April 3, 2013

feeling groovy

 I painted this same cow on a 24 x 36" yesterday.  Thought it would be fun to loosen up with this 8 x 8" before painting another commission.sold

I think I paint better with a cat in my lap.

Watch kitty.
I have turned into the crazy cat lady.
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  1. this cat is killin' me! i think you are love. and the cow is pretty too!

  2. Very Pretty painting and lovely cats.

  3. Okay, when do we get to see "cat paintings", such a cutie!

  4. J'adore la fraîcheur des couleurs de cette dernière peinture... Une génisse dans l'herbe printanière... Cela sent bon !
    Vous y arrivez, vous, à peindre avec un minou ! Ils veulent souvent guider le pinceau !
    Gros bisous à vous et une caresse à votre ami à quatre pattes !

  5. Oh I do love your posts, this and the last! (I missed a few days due to sickness.) My kids send me pics of their fur babies sometimes too and it makes me happy. Tell the sons to suck it up! LOL Ruthie is so cute and such a baby. The day will come when she will be much more independent and prefer to sleep, I think. That is what I do love about cats. They are just not as needy as dogs, nor as time consuming and they will just sit by you and let you pet them. My dogs are constantly climbing on me and in my face and leaving icky stuff on me from their drooling muzzles and sometimes goopy eyes. Yuck.

    Oh and I do love the cow! And the two Dachshunds.