Saturday, February 16, 2013


 I painted this a few weeks ago for a young man who gave it to his new wife for a Valentine's surprise.  Talk about brownie points and starting out on the right foot.  I love it when people are creative like that.  This is painted on an 8 x 10" gallery wrap.
Thank you for all your comments and good wishes on my new studio.  It is going to be really great when I get a chance to test it out.  Still a bit too much going on.sold
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  1. What an adorable dog! I'll bet that wife was pleased!

  2. This young man "gets" it - what a wonderful gift. A precious pup, too :)

  3. Perfect gift and wonderful painting! Your new studio looks divine! I bet you just can't wait to get in there and break it in! I found that it took me almost a year before I got the fung shui figured out in my studio, but it was a treat the whole way! Have fun!

  4. Dear Carol, What a marvelous studio. I'm still in your town. Hope to see you sometime.