Saturday, December 10, 2011

puppy love

The reference photo for this painting is seventeen years old and the human pup portrayed is now nineteen years old. This family was fortunate to keep this pooch, Stinker, around for seventeen years. A young woman commissioned it to give to her Mom for Christmas. Their loss is only two weeks old so I am thinking there will be some tears shed. Made me cuddle with my Tucker a little more. Time flies.
Make the most of yours today!
This is painted on a 10 x 10" gallery wrap canvas.

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  1. Carol, this is adorable!! I think there will be a lot of tears, but thankful ones for the time they had with Stinker. Reminds me to get lots of photos of Coco with my boys. Sorry I missed you in Brentwood, I was "it" in our hockey tag team to travel.

  2. Carol, it's so perfect and I know that my mom will absolutely adore it! Thank you so very much!

  3. Carol, this is just so touchingly beautiful! I am so sorry that this family lost their baby. I would bet mom will cry too. What a thoughtful daughter!

  4. Adorable composition and beautifully painted. Both faces are fabulous. Love the shadowing. Yes, I bet there will be some tears:)
    By the way, love the new look of your blog- Nice and wide and like the 3 columns for the info down the right side!

  5. Its been awhile since I have ventured out into Blogville...and I see you have changed you blog format...very fun! I am likin all the doggy portraits of are the go-to girl for those!

  6. I really like your dog portraits and each one captures the expression of the animal's personality. This one is especially sweet and nostalgic. It will be so appreciated. I'm sure you will agree that one of the biggest blessings of being an artist is experiencing the joy that your painting brings to others. This one will be loved along with the highest regards for you:)