Saturday, December 10, 2016

ooh ooh child

I used my " go to" way of coming up with a painting title when I have painted a subject many times.   I turned on my amazon music and found a title from the first song that played.  The song was "ooh, ooh child" by the five stair steps.  I remembered the song but not the group.  It happened to be a song that was perfect for me to hear right now.  I am a bit stressed finishing up commission work.sold

I painted this 8 x 16" at the Mountain Brook Holiday show last Thursday.  It is open until Dec 17 and the hours are 11-8 each day. Located on the lower level of Brookwood Mall across from Brio. 

1 comment:

  1. Carol, don't be stressed! You are my inspiration! You can do it! Go, Carol, GO!!!

    Did that make you feel better? Hahaha...

    Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!