Tuesday, May 10, 2016

oh happy day

It is about that time.  This is painted on a 22 x 28 x 2" canvas.sold

I have participated in Children's Harbor Art on the Lake for several years now. It is held on the grounds of Children's Harbor at Lake Martin. It is coming up this Memorial Day weekend,  May 28 & 29. Artist's participating donate 20% of their sales to Children's Harbor.  Children's Harbor's mission is to provide camp, counseling and support services to children with long term illness or trauma induced diagnoses and their families. It is a lot of fun for the artists and attendees and the money raised is going to such a great cause.

How many times can you mention Children's Harbor in one post? Five.


  1. Love the jump captured in mid air. Its a winner!
    What a wonderful fund raising idea for an incredible, much needed service. It warms my heart.

  2. Beautiful picture. I have been attempting doing children. HARD. Love this spirit of giving to the mission.