Monday, June 8, 2015


I was listening to Mumford and Sons, "believe" as I started to post this.  Several times over the last couple of days I did not "believe" I would be posting this painting. It has gone through many changes. This is a big painting, 30 x 40 x 2". That is a lot of surface to consider. I added and deleted fruit, painted out a little blue vase, scraped the whole background out and painted it again. Painting is not easy.

 Last but not least, the wind blew the painting over after I photographed it so I had to pick debris out of it.  The dead ants did not do anything to improve it. The bottom picture gives you a better idea of the size and was photographed after I repaired it.sold


  1. Oh my! I guess your painting had the will to live! It is lovely even after all of that.

  2. A little extreme way of getting rid of ants no? LoL The painting came out beautiful, Carol!!

  3. I'm sorry Carol but it was a funny visual but definitely cleaned up well! Love the soft colors...the background and reflections ...all beautiful!