Thursday, July 10, 2014

"won't you be..... my neighbor ?"

You have to sing the title of this painting.  Big pause after "won't you be".  Those of you who do not know who Mr Rogers is will think I am even crazier than the ones  who are familiar with him.  I think Mr Rogers had a a slight cock of his head when he got to this part in the song.
This is the first Longhorn cow I have ever painted.  The herd that I photographed live in Eclectic, Alabama.  We do not see a lot of long horns in our state so these  generate a lot of curiosity.  They seemed to like the attention and some came right up to the fence.
This one is painted on a 20 x 40 x 2" canvas.sold


  1. WOW WOW WOW! I love everything about this painting. Especially the design!

  2. Did they let you pet them, Carol? They sure are beautiful, aren't they? And they have that same liquid chocolate loving look in their eyes that makes me want one for my very own. Gorgeous painting! I wonder if the horns hurt them or give them headaches? They look heavy!

  3. Thanks Carol! I'll be singing this song all day!!! lol......This has to be one of your very best's REALLY good. The colors, pattern on the longhorn... all so beautifully painted. Wonderful work!!!